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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44806

Attitude and Psychological Distress Toward COVID-19 and Vaccination During the Second Wave: A cross-Sectional Survey Among Jordanian Population

Reham H. Zeghoul, Salam Bani Hani, AreejMousa


Background: Population attitude toward vaccination plays a crucial role in the success of health promotion against COVID-19, especially with the rapid spreading of the pandemic which severely affects the community. Besides, psychological distress seems to be a challenging issue leading to vaccination hesitancy. Purpose: This study aims at assessing attitudeand psychological distress toward vaccination among the Jordanian population. Materials and methods: An online survey using the convince sampling method was utilized among people who live in Jordan from the period of January to March 2021. Results: A total of 894 participants were recruited for this survey. The majority of the participants were female (n=640, 71.6%). Approximately two-thirds of the participants had a bachelor's degree (n=548, 61.3%). Generally, Jordanian participants had a positive attitude toward vaccination. Only (n=101, 11.3%) of participants reported that they fear death, followed by their fears of unavailability of the vaccines against COVID-19 (n=81, 9.1%), and their feelings that vaccination is just a conspiracy against them (n=58, 6.5%). Conclusion: To sum up, our study findings show a positive attitude and sufficient knowledge about COVID-19. However, many participants have a vaccination hesitancy due to medical reasons, not being persuaded to take the vaccine, and not being sure about the effectiveness of the vaccination. However, many participants take the Sinopharm vaccine due to the availability of this vaccine and they believe in the effectiveness of this vaccine. Vaccination hesitancy was strongly associated with psychological distress such as fear and worry about the effectiveness of vaccines.


Attitude, psychological distress, knowledge, COVID-19, vaccination, second wave, pandemics.

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