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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44794

On 𝑻𝐠𝐩Topological Space and Some Generalized Closed Sets

MarwahMunther Hassan, Ali Khalaf Hussain


The investigation continues the study of pre-closed sets and of generalized pre-closed sets in a topological space. Our main goal of this paper is to determine the results of links between different generalized types of closed sets. Through this we use pre-closed sets and their generalizations, therefore we are able to produce profiles for specific known classes of topological spaces, by establishing relationships between various generalized-closed sets will lead us to define new class of topological called 𝑇𝑔𝑝 βˆ’ space. Moreover, we study this type of topological space and discussed the relationship with other spaces. Some of their properties have also been invested. As well as shows the relationships between 𝑇1/2 βˆ’ space with this space, and also introduced an extremely disconnected space, add to the above we discussed some properties, theory, corollary, and examples


pg-closed set, pg-open set,𝑇𝑔𝑝 βˆ’ space, 𝑇1/2 -space, extremely disconnected space, gsp-closed set

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