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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44786

Progress Asphaltic Pavement Deformations and Change in Pavement Condition Index in Najaf City

Suhair Abed Zaid Mouhameed, Dr. Khawla H. H. Shubber


Pavement deformations take a cumulative rate with time, in case of monitoring and providing maintenance activities or not. The rate of progressed deformationsdepends on the maintenance strategies depended.A numerical index depended in describingpavement condition or in other words the level of pavement deformation, i.e., the pavement Condition Index (PCI). The current paper is a trial in monitoring the progress of asphaltic pavement deformation over five yearsand finds pavement condition index (PCI) through PAVER software version 5.2 application. PCI values indicate the main aspect of maintenance strategies, evaluating economic alternatives, and improving engineers’ and technicians’ experiences, which is aimed to discoversuitable maintenance process and accomplishcomfort riding level or shortest travel timewith lowest costs. the selected study area was one urbanarterialroad in Najaf city, (Najaf-Karbala road segment) liked Al-Askarain Tunnel intersection to the end of Nidaa district, with 8011m length, in addition to four main collector roads divaricate from both sides of it. These road segments are Al-Rahhma, Hezam Al Akhdar, Al Maaridh, and Garage-Al Shamalithat extended through 11.54 km length in both directions of movement.Data collected from field survey. Results show the network PCI found equal to 69.8, which mean that the road segments in fair surface condition, progress deformation rate in arterial road segment was 21%, while the average rate for collector segments was 7.5%, the effect of traffic loads on the road surface is more than the effect of other factors for almost studied segments,while, the effect of climate on all road segment Less than the effect of other factors on the roads surface.Although, the use of major road maintenance techniques (overlay) leads to an increase in the value of the PCI and an enhancement in condition of road such as on Hezam Al-Akhdar road Section, but the progress deformation rate happen in high level equal to 9.5%.The road network need rehabilitation maintenance for going toward Najaf- Karbala, Hezam Al-Akhdar Sections for going from Najaf– Karbala direction and Al-Maaridh highway section for two directions


Asphaltic Pavement deformation, PAVER 5.2, progressive deformation,pavement maintenance management system (PMMS), pavement condition index (PCI).

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