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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44762

Knowledge and attitude of dental students regarding HIV/AIDS in Raichur, Karnataka.

Dr. Pooja Mane, Dr. Arunkumar Acharya, Dr. Rajani Komble, Dr. Yashodharaa Shah, Dr. Anjali Gaikwad, Dr. Shanthi Margabandhu


Introduction-Fear of HIV contagion generates major concerns among health care personnel and may produce a barrier to successful educational efforts about HIV/AIDS. A better understanding of the students’knowledge and attitudes towards HIV/ AIDS will serve as a tool to create better educational programs dealing withstigma and encouraging empathy towards patients. Hence, this study assess the knowledge and attitude regarding HIV/AIDS among preclinical and clinical dental students in Raichur, Karnataka. Material and Methods-A cross sectional study was carried out among all the dental undergraduate students including interns, of the Navodaya Dental College and Hospital and AME Dental College, Raichur. A closed ended questionnaire consisted of 35 questions (18 -knowledge and 17 – attitude) was used. All those willing to participate and who gave a written consent were included in the study. Results-Among the 406 participants, 29.31% were male and 70.69% were females. Overall a good knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS was seen in 32.27% and only 0.74% had a poor knowledge. Percentage of interns with good knowledge was higher when compared to first to final year students and is statistically significant. Positive attitude towards treating HIV/AIDS patients was found among 53.20% participants. Conclusion-The study showed that one third of the dental undergraduates had good amount of knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS and half of them had a positive attitude towards treating these patients. This calls for a need for reviewing and renewal of knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS, its complications and the pivotal role that a dentist plays in rehabilitating these patients.


- HIV, dental students, India.

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