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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44758

Proximal tibia fracture and its functional outcome: A prospective study

Jayesh Balasaheb Pawar, Ravindra Gunaki


Background:The management of proximal tibia fracture (PTF) is a key constrain for the adults as the post-treatment recovery time is long. Hence the possible effect of treatment in patients along with the functional outcome is important.Therefore, the current study assessedthe functional outcome and efficacy of various modalities of treatment in patients with PTF, and the complications of these fractures. Materials and Method: Thisprospective study included 88 patientshaving PTFbased on Schatzker classification. The operative protocol varied for different types of fractures. All the patients underwent surgery within a week of admission and were advised to follow post-operative instructions and exercises. The functional outcome was assessed using Rasmussen scoring systemand patients were evaluated for walking capacity, range of movements and post-operative complications.Pearson Chi-square test was employed to test the association between fracture and outcome. P<0.05 was observed to be statistically significant. Results: Most common mode of injury was road traffic accident (85.23%). Majorityof the cases(42.05%)were operated with open reduction and internal fixation buttress plate. Postoperative walking capacity was normal (63.64%) with higher range of movements (>140) in 34.09% of patients. Few patients had post-operative complications related to pain and range of movement<90º. Majority of them (50%) in type I split fracture had excellent ratingwith a significant association (p=0.0005). Conclusion: Excellent recovery was seen in 50% of the patient’s post-surgery which demonstrated that the procedure applied is dependent on fracture type. Hence, the functional outcome of the research indicated a significant role of the surgery type with improvement in walking capacity and range of movements being high with key advises.


Bone plates, Exercise therapy, Fracture fixation, Internal, Open fracture reduction, Tibia, Tibial fractures

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