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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44747

Detection of Juvenile Fasciola Using Cathepsin BReverse Transcription-LoopMediated Isothermal Amplification (RtLamp) Test Kit in Snails



The study was conducted to detect the presence of fasciola spp. infection using the Reverse Transcription – Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (RT- LAMP) test kit in ten (10) randomly selected snails from Cevallos farm and UEPCVM Goat project in Catarman, Northern Samar. Collected snails were brought and processed at the Diagnostic Laboratory of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH), University of Eastern Philippines. Results of this study revealed a 30% (3/10) fasciola infection in snails. These findings provide an evidence that RT-LAMP test kit can amplify the target gene Cathepsin B in the snails. RT –LAMP test kit is a quick, early and reliable diagnostic method for the detection of fasciolosis and can contribute in providing an advance management and control of the disease. Based on the result of the study, it can be inferred that fasciolosis is present at Cevallos farm and at the UEPCVM Goat project. The researcher recommends a larger number of samples to be tested for fasciola spp. infection and should be conducted in the different Municipalities of the Province.


Fasciolosis, fasciola species, snails, RT-LAMP test kit

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