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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44744

Harmonization of Special Autonomy Norms in the Establishment of Special Regional Regulations

Martinus Guntur Ohoiwutun, Marthen Arie, Achmad Ruslan, Zulkifli Aspan


Special Autonomy for the Province of Papua is the granting of wider authority for the Province and the people of Papua to regulate and manage themselves within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. The wider authority also means greater responsibility for the Province and the Papuan people to administer the government and regulate the utilization of natural resources in the Papua Province for the greatest benefit of the Papuan people as part of Indonesia by following the laws and regulations. This study aims to examine the harmonization of special autonomy norms in forming special regional regulations. This research is normative legal research. The technique of collecting legal materials is done through library research, collecting documents, laws, and regulations, and as a complement to legal materials, interviews are carried out. Legal materials that have been described by the subject matter are then systematized, explained, and then given arguments so that the whole forms a logically interconnected unit. The results showed that the absence of organic regulations caused the Papuan Regional Governments who were authorized to form Perdasus (Governor of Papua, DPRP, and MRP) to have difficulty exercising their authority. So that it leads to unclear processes and content materials that can be regulated by Perdasus. For example, when the Papuan local government wants to stipulate a Perdasus material regarding a special land clearing permit that is valid in Papua, it can still be considered by the center as contradicting a ministerial regulation that regulates the same thing.


Regional regulations; special; Papuans

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