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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44742

A Study on Employee Engagement in Virtual Workspace

Sunayana N, Pooja K


The current situation, as a result of Covid -19, has posed a significant problem for enterprises' human resource departments in terms of fully engaging their employees. In this difficult time of crisis, every firm is looking for ingenious and effective ways to make their staff appealing. This difficult period has compelled businesses to seek out and develop numerous employee involvement programmers that would bind people to the company. These initiatives must become a regular occurrence in order for employees to feel and remain dedicated to the company's objectives. Organizations who have made employee engagement a new normal and are totally committed to it are achieving their goals more simply and efficiently because their employees are gaining the most up-to-date and advanced skills in their fields, which is a boon to the firm. All of this has caused employees' devotion and faithfulness to their employers to reach unprecedented heights during this difficult period.


employee engagement, virtual engagement, work from home, challenges of employees and employer

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