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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44716

Application of Current Technologies in Theranostics for Early-stage Detection of Prostate cancer

Siddharth Goswami, Priya Chamoli, Vijay Jagdish Upadhye, Pallavi Singh


Malignant growth, the illness starts when cells in the body begin to grow out of control. Metastatic prostate malignant growth is hopeless, and novel techniques to identify the illness prior to and to coordinate conclusive treatment are required. To combat cancer, microscopically unambiguous methods of restricting radionuclide payloads to malignant cells and surrounding microenvironments are viewed as essential. The execution of theranostic ways to deal with portray and customize patient administration is starting to be acknowledged for prostate disease patients. This composition framed clinically made an interpretation of ways to deal with recognising, describing, and treating sickness in this quickly growing field. Furthermore, theranostics for a microenvironment affected by Bone Metastasis are included with [18F]-FDHT imaging and GRPR Bombesin for the detection of androgen receptors. Quantum Dots (QDs) are semiconductor particles two or three nanometres in size, having optical and electronic properties that differ from greater particles on account of quantum mechanics. Utilization of QDs is similar to the use of minute organic entities killing, damaging cell walls, etc. Besides discussing their properties, such as their ability to kill cancer-causing agents, medications, and effectiveness, various therapeutic approaches are discussed, such as radiation therapy, chemical therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and ablation. The purpose of artificial intelligence is for a machine to accomplish mental commitments primarily based on measurements provided. Application of Artificial intelligence for Theranostics has been specifically emphasized in this article.


Prostate Cancer, Thernostics, GRPR Bombesin, AR Imaging, Bone metastasis, Quantum dot, Artificial intelligence

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