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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44715

Cloud Computing Information Protection Security Model Using a Whale-Optimized Swarm-Based Glowworm Structure

Yogita Deepak Sinkar


Privacy-Preserving is a modern technology, cloud computing has a wide range of applications. Since it enables increased security, portability, and flexibility, cloud computing is crucial. Similar to this, maintaining privacy in cloud computing is crucial to maintaining the integrity of data kept there. This review article on privacy-preserving cloud services can open the door for further investigation into related topics. In addition to analysing the latest scenario in research in this field, this study establishes a layered structure, a life cycle, and an environment for privacy-preserving cloud environments. The data retained for security is created using the filtering matrix, with the filter vector focusing on the integration of the Glowworm Swarm Optimization (GSO), Glowworm Swarm Whale Optimization Algorithm (GWOA), and Whale Optimization Algorithm (WOA). The data stored resulting in privacy is subjected to the data storage system, where the stored data is registered. Instead, the retained data is stored in the information environment's information management system to allow user access with greater privacy and utility.


Cloud computing, security, Glowworm Swarm Optimization (GSO), Glowworm Swarm Whale Optimization Algorithm (GWOA)

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