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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44713

Development and FE Analysis of Reinforced Composites for car Bumper: A Review

S. Seenivasan, R. Chandraprakash, P. Raj Kumar, N. Dineshkumar, R. Kathiravan


The current technological advances give us a chance to find and fabricate the brand new materials to restore existing material. Also, the necessary for environmental friendly, easily decomposable material plays a vital role in determining the raw material. In this paper flax fiber and kenaf fiber with the filler material aluminium hydroxide were used as suspending matrix to form a hybrid composite with vinyl VBR resin and epoxy resin. The hand layup technique is carried out to fabricate the composite. In this journal we conducted the several tests to analyze the mechanical properties and thermal properties of the composite material. The basic car bumper is designed and the static analysis is done on the ansys workbench for the results of total deformation, stress and strain energy.


Kenaf, Flax, Aluminium hydroxide, Properties of flax-kenaf fiber, total deformation, stress and strain energy

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