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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44698

Decentralized Block chain Provenance Security System using Secure Sharable Advanced Encryption Standard for Distributed Agriculture Information Security

S. Vijayaragavan, E. PunarSelvam, N. Kuppurasu


Agriculture is one of the great economical deal in food industry for rapid growth in developing new ideas across the world. Due to the agricultural development in food industry, supply chain, agro-farms, information are in the form of collective maintenance in centralized storage system on Agro-network. The centralized security system doesn’t met the trust worthiness to provide the reliable data on agro- information sharing in network. To formalize the data structure to improve the trust management based on block chain data processing techniques which is to make reliable data provenance system. To improve the security system, to propose a Decentralized Block chain provenance security system (DBPSS) to build a reliable data security on agro information sharing on distributed network. In addition on data security we intent a secure sharable advanced Encryption standard (SSAES) to improve block chain collective information records in the form bi-circular shifted codes to represent the key security on data records. DBPSS allows the verified information sharing based on block header by each information sharing on distributed network. This security verifies the block chain key codes during each transaction by traceable authenticity to provide for authentication on distributed system. The proposed system ensures the reliability of the data in distributed system to make higher performance as well in agricultural information security.


Block chain, distributed system, agricultural data safety, cryptography security, Data sharing, Trust management.

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