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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44681

Evaluation plan aimed at improving educational quality, implemented by Sociology students – UNPRG

Juan Diego Dávila Cisneros, Raquel Yovana Tello Flores, María Del Pilar Fernández Celis, Elmer Llanos Díaz


The objective of this study is to demonstrate that an evaluation plan based on the SINEACE accreditation model for university higher education study programs to be implemented by students, influences the improvement of educational quality in the Sociology study program at the Universidad Nacional Pedro Ruiz Gallo. The study is of pre-experimental design, quantitative approach and its population were the students of the Sociology program of the following cycles: IX, VII, V cycle A and B, III cycle A and B, I cycle A and B with a total of 190 and a sample of 128 of the year 2018. For data collection, questionnaire cards were applied, in which the variables, evaluation plan and educational quality were evaluated through the level of knowledge and its measurability through the level of achievement. The statistical results shown for the general hypothesis, evidence in the set, the correlation between the results of the mean scores of the instrument applied to students in the Pre Test and Post Test, which reached a value of r = 0.901 which is equivalent to 90.1% which establishes a significant correlation (strong and positive), i.e., an adequate implementation by students of the evaluation plan according to the accreditation model for university higher education study programs of SINEACE, will positively influence to improve the educational quality in the program of studies of Sociology of the UNPRG.


Quality of education, internal evaluation, communicative action and social monitoring.

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