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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44680

Marketing strategies for tourist destinations in the canton of Sucre

Lilia Moncerrate Villacis Zambrano, William Renán Meneses Pantoja, Mayra Espinoza Arauz, Ana Cecilia Vélez Falcones


The research addresses the characterization of the tourist destination of Sucre canton to analyze the strategic marketing planning developed in the tourist destination of Sucre canton, in this way, the type of descriptive study was used with the identification of elements and characteristics that cover the form of organization, taking the qualitative-quantitative method of research with techniques such as surveys and interviews. The results obtained allowed to know that the predominant visitors are nationals and they have a low level of diffusion of the benefits it possesses, which allows the articulated management of the actions so that the tourist development is sustainable. The facts and informative and advertising messages are not being strategically and deliberately managed to have concrete and measurable actions to attract customers, thus having a competitive differential. In conclusion, the tourist servers seek to make their activities profitable and the tourist training that still needs to be improved is left unresolved, adding to the belief that only the natural view is enough for the tourist to arrive, without taking into account the competitiveness.


tourism destination, strategies, marketing, potential

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