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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44679

Audiovisual technology media in the learning of social sciences in higher education

Alexis Aldo García Domínguez, Eddy Ronald Díaz Salvatierra, Aldo Fernando Rejas de la Peña, Claudia Noemi Rivera Rojas


This study aims to determine the impact of technological media on the learning of social sciences of students at a private university, and also to determine whether this impact is significant or not. The research is of a basic type and presents a quantitative approach, with data analysis and contrasts. The research design is non-experimental, causal correlational, cross-sectional, containing data collection characteristics of descriptive scope. The technique used for data collection was the survey and the instrument was the questionnaire. In addition, the data analysis method used was based on Spearman's Rho statistical formula. The present research has a population of 250 students of the Scientific University of the South belonging to the area of Basic Courses Humanities, therefore, a sample of 152 students who are part of the zero cycles of the Scientific University of the South was involved. As the main result of the research, it was obtained that the general hypothesis: "Audiovisual technological media significantly influence the learning results of Social Sciences in students of the Scientific University of the South, cycle zero, Villa El Salvador - Lima 2022" was accepted, consequently and according to the results of the research it was considered that the audiovisual technological means do generate a great impact on the learning of Social Sciences in the students of the Scientific University of the South.


Audiovisual Media Technology, Social Sciences, Learning, Technology.

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