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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44675

Evaluation of attitudes towards scientific research in university students

José Manuel Calizaya López, Lolo Juan Mamani Daza, José Luis Evangelista Aliaga, Ferdinand Eddington Ceballos Bejarano


Research activities in the training of undergraduate students in Peru are more repetitive than reflective learning. In the present study, attitudes towards scientific research were analyzed according to socio-educational factors in university students in the city of Arequipa. A total of 2050 university students from four (4) universities in the areas of social sciences, health sciences and engineering participated, to whom the scale of attitudes towards research was applied. It was found that the attitudes are average with a tendency to be unfavorable, in the subscales vocation and valuation for research the attitudes are not very favorable, and concerning the subscale disinterest in research, the student's attitude is unfavorable. It is concluded that students in the area of health sciences have better attitudes towards research than students in social sciences and engineering, and it is the students in the last years of study who value and have a greater vocation for research than students in the first years of study.


Attitudes, scientific research, students, University, socio academics.

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