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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44665

Design and Implementation of Power Converters with a Unified Structure and Adaptive Sliding Mode Controller for Green Energy Harvesting

Lokesh D, Senthil C. Singh


Technological advancements promote the harness of renewable energy and this has led to address the increase in energy requirements, exploitation of fossil fuels and to limit the emission of greenhouse gases. Sustainability of the environment is seriously disturbed caused by the threat of unacknowledged policies of non-renewable energy sources' exploitation. Having the benefits of being non-polluting, noise-free and universal availability, solar and wind energy become a perennial source of renewable energy. With the advent of new electrical standards, hybrid systems are devised as a unified structure for efficient power management and balance of energy needs. Proposed system introduces a model for DC-DC buck converter, and output is converted into AC with three phase voltage inverter along with estimations of space vectors and total harmonic distortion. The proposed DC-DC converter model intense to produce a new power conversions circuit with minimal complexity in design and execution. Similarly, electronic devices function without any controlling mechanism and in an open loop mode. There are multiple systems which mandate are a controlling mechanism to regulate voltage or current at a prescribed level, to accommodate load variations. Adaptive sliding mode controller is presented with the design of the hybrid system for governing speed of response, compensation off load variations and overcome steady state error. From the simulation results, it is observed that the proposed design performs better than conventional standards of power conversion. The performance of sliding mode controller was tested against the performance of traditional standards of SMC and PWM. From such investigations, it is evident that a hybrid system with controlling mechanism ensures better performance


DC-DC Buck Converter, Boost Converters, DC-AC converter, inverters, Power Factor Controller, modified sliding function.

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