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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44662

The Impact of Covid -19 Pandemic on Sports Marketing in Jordan

Tareq N. Hashem, Ola Suleiman


The purpose of this study was to explore whether or not Covid 19 had any effect on the marketing of sports in Jordan. In the study, a descriptive analytic technique was employed, and it also included the use of a questionnaire that was prepared and handed out to a convenience sample of Amman-based sports professionals. The study's sample size was 111 total participants that participated in the survey. The study concluded that Covid 19 affects negatively sports marketing, in addition it also affects the sports marketing mix (product, price, promotion and distribution) separately, as well as, there are no differences in the impact of Covid-19 on sports marketing in Jordan due to (Gender, Age, experience). While there are differences in the impact Covid -19 on sports marketing in Jordan due to Education level. The study recommends that sport officials would recruit professional experts in sports marketing to mitigate the impact of Covid 19 on sport activities.


Covid -19, Marketing, Sports marketing, Sports Marketing Mix

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