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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44657

A concise review on Geranium wallichianum D-Don Ex-Sweet and its Ethanomedicinal Perspectives

Tapsya Sharma, Saurabh Sharma


The Himalayan region of Pakistan is home to the Geranium wallichianum D. Don ex Sweet, a member of the Geraniaceae family. It is very valuable medically. It is indigenous to Pakistan, but because to its limited geographic range, unique habitats, and impacts of human activity, the population has decreased by more than 75%. The most important risks include overgrazing of pastures, forest encroachment, erosion of soil slopes, poverty, forest fires, illegal trade, habitat degradation, invasive species, and a lack of proper training. The significant medicinal plant G. wallichianum's conservation status has been attempted to document as part of this evaluation. It needs special consideration because it is the most endangered species. Due to a lack of information, there is currently no organisational strategy for the conservation of this species. The importance of this plant species as a source of traditional medicine has attracted the attention of scientists who are trying to preserve it. It is being protected by several conservation studies and efforts, but in order to guarantee that it will be kept for future generations, comprehensive and durable conservation regulations are needed.


Endangered species; endemic plants; ethnomedicine; ex situ; Geranium wallichianum

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