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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44656

Translating Subject Matters of Legal Contracts

Ahmed F. Rabeea


This study is an attempt to shed light on how to translate subject matters of legal contracts or agreements taking into consideration all characteristics of legal discourse. A legal contract, or say an agreement, consists of micro components starting up with a subject matter on which translators rely so much to translate effectively. Translating a subject matter of a certain contract needs reasonable efforts, then a reliable output of translation would be accomplished. Exactly (50) subject matters extracted from contracts randomly selected are the sample of this study. As the current study has shown, contracts differ in their content of subject matters depending on their major of business. As a legal translator, s/he shall pay much attention to how to get a subject matter accurately translated where the content of its contract tells a translator much instructions and guidance on how to think of its subject matter legally. The said contract’s discourse is deemed a hint to a translator for commencing translating subject matters. Also, the study has come up with some results stating that mistaken translation of a subject matter would lead to distortion of the content of a contract, which in return could cause a legal dispute between a translator and a customer, where consequences would be catastrophic.


Translating, contracts, legal discourse, subject matters, legal dispute.

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