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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44654

Status, Challenges, Practices and Policies Addressing the Conditions of Street Children in Eastern Visayas, Philippines: Basis for a Proposed Intervention Plan

Joel R. Pangilinan


This mixed methods study steered to find out solutions to the problems posed by the existence of street children in Eastern Visayas. Thirty street children were purposively selected who filled out the questionnaire. An interview was also employed to survey feedback among CSWDOs on the extent of programs and projects administered by their respective offices. Results of the study disclosed that majority of the street children are categorized as “children on the street”. Moreover, the results identified the predisposing factors that contributed to the occurrence of street children in their localities. The participants observed that these street children perform various activities aside from just roaming in the streets. In terms of program implementation, the results disclosed that LGUs implement measures in collaboration with other appropriate agencies and authorities to address the current situation of their locality on street children. Majority mentioned the enforcement of certain ordinances and local policies to remedy the problems associated to street children. Based on the findings and conclusions of the study, the following recommendations are offered: (1) Transparency report in the real situation analysis, current demographic and economic profile of the street children. (2) Continuous monitoring if the street children are enrolled in formal education. (3) Strengthen and assess non-formal education to the street children to have the privilege to instruction on the premise of balance, opportunity and without separation on any grounds, education must be accessible for all, available to and comprehensive to all children. Further, appropriate funding, monitoring, and sustainability of supporting programs should also be sought for those street children for them to benefit with it.


Street Children, Poverty, Mixed-Methods, Descriptive, Sustainability

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