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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44650

Promotion of Ethnoecology knowledge and Local Wisdom for Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Highlands Ethnic Communities of Ban Mae Ka-Piang, Saluang Subdistrict, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai Province

Nitthima Boonchaliew, Surasingh Sangsod


This study is an action research focusing on community participation towards natural and environmental management which is the basis of living. Population and sample used in this study combine with 69 villagers and 15 local philosophers and community leaders. Questionnaires and interviews cover the fundamental issues of natural resources, including soil, water, forest, resources utilization, and resource management using local wisdom based on four basic needs. The results showed that the way of life of the villagers is consistent with natural resources and the environment as follows: 1) the community maintains knowledge and uses local wisdom to manage natural resources and the environment. 2) The relationship model of local wisdom on natural resources and environmental management of the community represents the relationship between people to society, people to the superstitions, and people to natural resources and the environment. 3) The community has the potential to manage natural resources and the environment that leading to a model community practice of sustainable development. The community has strengths in the abundance of agricultural areas, lifestyles and cultures that coexist with forests that can develop community natural trails, and be learning areas for youth that connect the relationship between local scholars and community people at all levels. These factors contribute to the strength of the community which is the goal of sustainable development.


ethnoecology, knowledge, local wisdom, resource management, sustainable development

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