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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44649

The Analysis of Thai Buddhist (Sangha) Education Management Network in the 21st century

Panya Klaydesh, Amphon Buddasarn, Supakanjana Vichanati, Pachabodee Yaemsunthorn, Naddhira Sridee


The objective of this research is to study and analyze the education management network of the Thai Sanghain the 21st century.It is a qualitative research methodby uses Indepth Interviews withkey informants including thirty-five administrators, teachers, and students of Dhamma Education, Pali Education, Phrapariyattidham School Education, and two Buddhist universities located in Khonkaen province. Data were analyzed by explanations and descriptions. Theresult found that 1. There were five forms of Sangha Education Management Network 1) Informal Education 2) Dhamma Education 3) Pali Education 4) Phrapariyattidham School Education and 5) Higher Education. There is a network to support the education of the Sangha. The management of integrated education between Buddhism and modern academics for students to develop themselves according to the threefold principles from mortals to civilized people including bringing knowledge to manage various activities of the clergy for further development.2. Analysis of the education management network and the development of Thai society in the 21st century relied on Sangha education institutions under the curriculum model and integrated with modern science. Temples and Meditation Centers are the networks to promote real-life learning. It begins with encouraging people to enter the monkhood and encourages the general public to practice meditation according to the teachings of the Buddha. Temples and Meditation Centers have the potential to maintain and develop resources that are conducive to learning according to the actual situation of the learners. Temple and Meditation Centers have the same goal as the Sangha which is to provide education for students to have self-development and social development


Sangha Education Management Network, Thai social development in the 21st century

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