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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44629

Sex Estimation Efficacy of Saffranine and Methylene Blue in Cytological Assessment of Barr bodies: A Comparative Study.

Vataparthi Pravallika, Manisai Koduri, Sony Gunaganti, Lakshmi Panicker


Purpose: Testing Barr bodies presence has a huge application in multidisciplinary areas of research and practice. Barr bodies help predict cause of infertility, chance of tumours, cancer, efficiency in findings transplanted Retinal pigment epithelium and much more. In most criminal investigations and forensic analysis, establishing the identity of gender is crucial for progressive investigation and avoiding tampering with evidence. Gender identification can also be performed using basic staining procedures. The current study aimed to see efficacy of sex determination using cytological assessment of Barr bodies with Saffranine for the first time. Methods: A total of 60 Buccal samples (30 females) from healthy individuals were collected. Each sample is built into two smears (n=120). One set of smears stained with Saffranine and another with Methylene blue. Stained smears are visualised under 40X mag using binocular compound microscope immediately and graded sample on the basis of details seen. Results: Staining scores by Saffranine is higher among both the genders. Mann-Whitney U test has concluded that Saffranine has a better staining performance with (U = 31.0) (Overall Md =5) and P < 0.001 than Methylene Blue stain among females with (U = 51.0) (Overall Md =3) and P < 0.001. Correspondingly, the sensitivity and specificity for sex estimation using Safranine are 100% and 93.3%, respectively, whereas sensitivity and specificity using Methylene blue are 93.3% and 93.3%. Overall, it is conspicuous that Saffranine has superior staining performance and, thereby, sex estimation efficacy than Methylene blue. Conclusion: Barr body visualisation have a significant application in multidisciplinary research domains. Basic staining procedures are reliable, fast, accurate and cost effective in determining the sex of an individual. Overall, Saffranine stain have higher efficacy compared to Methylene blue in sex determination


Testing Barr bodies presence has a huge application in multidisciplinary areas of research and practice

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