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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44627

The Identification of quantum effects in electronic devices based on charge transfer magnetic field model

Dr. B.Gopi, J Logeshwaran, J Gowri, V. Aravindarajan


The trend of today's electronic developments is the reduction of essential devices and the expansion of their functionality. This creates a demand for new nano-elements that can improve properties with a small amount. The operation of such electronic devices is called quantum effects. Electrons exhibit the properties of particles, and the properties of waves, and thus there are phenomena of charge transfer, which are very important to external influences, especially to electric and magnetic fields. Of particular interest are quantum dot correlations - the correlation width is so small that the electron waves are stacked a few lengths - it is comparable to the size of an atom. In this paper the quantum effects of electronic devices are identified with the help of on charge transfer magnetic field model. If a layer of two-dimensional electronic gas (particles can move freely in only two directions) to connect two large electrodes, such contacts can be obtained, then it is possible and it is provided with a shutter plate. The greater the tension filed, the more restricted the movement of electrons and already interacting.


electronic, essential devices, nano-elements, quantum effects, magnetic fields

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