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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44619

Review on Properties of Mortar and Concrete Using Fibers and Nanomaterials

Nisreen M. Rahmah


There is a need for novel building materials with enhanced technical and operational features to support the advancement of contemporary technology. Since the finding of radically new materials is exceedingly unusual, it follows that the great majority of available building materials have already been identified, and there is little reason to anticipate considerable progress in this area. As a result, the incorporation of reinforcing components like nanoparticles, fibers, and other materials into building materials is the primary trend in developing novel construction materials. Nanomaterials and fibers are a growing area of study because of their wide range of potential uses; they are particularly significant in the building sector. It's vital to examine the influence of fibers and nanoparticles on the properties and technical performance of construction materials like mortar and concrete. Several studies for future scholars in this area will be presented this presentation


Nanomaterials, Fiber,Mechanical Property, Concrete,Mortar,Cement Composites.

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