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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44618

A review on prevalence of tokophobia: Fear of childbirth, diagnosis & its management approaches

Suraj Mandal, Santosh Singh Bhadoriya, Km. Shiva, Ravi Shankar Ahirwar, Shital Sharma, Naveen Kumar, Priyal Ray, Lokesh Chaudhari, Vinita Ahirwar, Kshipra Rajput


Tokophobia, also known as maieusiophobia or parturiphobia, is a condition that affects 5–15 percent of pregnant women. Given the unpleasant and unpredictable sensation, it can be viewed in part as a typical human occurrence, but extreme cases that interfere with the woman's ability to go about her everyday business are classified as pathological kinds of Tokophobia. It is a terrible illness that is quite distinct. Due to a lack of appropriate psychological assessments, it has been challenging to research the prevalence and effects of tokophobia. Due to its complexity and ramifications for obstetrics, anesthesiology, psychology, and psychiatry, it is urgent and desirable to establish a multidisciplinary approach to treating dread of childbirth. It is essential to comprehend the genesis and development of the condition in order to better comprehend the aetiology and developmental stages of tokophobia and to promote suitable, effective, and evidence-based therapies. More research is necessary because there hasn't been much done in these fields. Focusing on the evaluation of the care pathways and applicable treatments can help with this.


Tokophobia, Maieusiophobia, Parturiphobia, Fear of Childbirth, Fear of Pregnancy, Psychometric Study

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