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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44612

Towards The Early Detection of Alzheimer Disease Using Machine Learning Approach

Md ShariarKabir, MossaddakHossain, Naznin Sultana


Alzheimer's is a part of dementia. The disease is a neurological condition that affects the patient's brain. It compresses the brain causing brain cells to become damaged. The patient loses memory and cannot remember anything. Although this disease can happen to anyone. But the disease is more prevalent among the elderly. It cannot be completely cured. According to the WHO, a re-port was published in Bangladesh in 2020 that a total of 14993 people or 2.09% died due to Alzheimer & Dementia. The death rate from those diseases are 13.89 people per 100,000 [1]. Our main focus in the paper is to use machine learning algorithm for detecting Alzheimer disease in its primitive stage. After the experiment we got the accuracy of our proposed model using K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm is 96% compared to other existing techniques.


Alzheimer, Dementia, Machine Learning, Prediction, Accuracy

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