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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44610

Virtual Teaching Methods Made Easy by Understanding Learning Styles: An ESL Study in a Physics Lab

VinishaSuraboina, PriyankVarma G


The study began with a notion; while learning a concept using the English language in an ESL- virtual context, the teaching methods, instructions, reading materials, and demonstrations may not be sufficient for qualitative experiential learning. Unknown to learning styles, instructors improvised on their teaching methods and their virtual processes. The study intends to examine existing methods for a virtual classroom setting, the learning styles of the students, absence of Kinesthetic experiences while learning in a Physics Lab. Documenting evidence of language learning from a science session. Method incorporated began with analyzing responses using a questionnaire, analyzing teaching materials with learning processes using Physics concepts to examine and document learning styles compensating for the other. The findings of the study show that stimulus-activating materials help Learning styles to change and compensate among the 65 students. The teaching method administered, materials provided validate learning in a virtual classroom effectively, despite the absence of kinesthetic experiences missing during the post 2nd wave pandemic in India. A considerable population was able to use the subject-specific knowledge in a context unrelated; signifying simulating learning experiences; the importance of understanding learning styles, adopting new materials and methods to improve learning opportunities for students in a virtual environment.


The study began with a notion; while learning a concept using the English language

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