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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44609

Vitamin D Deficiency and its Impact on Thyroid Disorder - A Computational Analysis

P.Vinnarasi, Dr.K.Menaka


The requisite level of Vitamin D presence in a human body is important for maintaining the proper immunity system and associated health benefits in an individual. Sufficient level of Vitamin D in humans plays multiple body growth related aspects such as ensuring the one’s teeth and bones to stay stronger, helps for the support of good immune system, also takes care of the brain and nervous system, balances the hormone levels and so on. It has been reported in the literature that lower levels of Serum Vitamin D are closely associated with Thyroid and its associated diseases. In some other published reports, their association is not clearly spelt. In the light of this, the present study is aimed at investigating the impact/consequence in the TSH levels due to the effect of Serum Vitamin D levels. For this purpose, some statistical analyses are carried out and the results are discussed.


Serum Vitamin D, Thyroid Simulating Hormone (TSH), Statistical Analyses

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