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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44604

Efficacy of probiotics in the role of weight gain in infants. A systematic review and meta analysis

Dr M.R.Monicaasun, Dr Satya Lakshmi K, Dr Sathyanath D, Dr Shrikanth Muralidharan


Introduction: Probiotics are being used as an effective intervention in development and growth of underweight infants and children. Its application though is being limited across developing and under developed countries. The present review is aimed to collect recent clinical evidence in terms of anthropometric growth, decrease in frequency of crying among low birth weight infants to promote its use in clinical practice among alternative medicine practitioners. Method: A systematic review and meta-analysiswas carried out of all available literature from the past two decades across 5 different search engines. Based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria, of the 79 articles, 6 were selected for the final data extraction. Results: Six out of seven studies that showed significant improvement in growth and weight gain in infants with the probiotic supplements. Four out of seven studies showed significant increase in the height and volume of breast milk intake of the infants. Two studies stated increased head circumference. Another study also noted less incidence of crying, stool frequencies. Conclusion: Probiotics show promising results in terms of growth, breast milk intake and also crying among low birth weight infants. Further long term studies are needed to see the effect on overall physical and mental development of these infants.


Probiotics, infants, weight gain

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