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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44596

The Effect of Vitamin D And Swimming Exercise on The Reproductive System in High Fat-Fed Adult Male Rats

Safaa M. Sharrah, Alaa H. Afifi, Nermeen A. Bastawy, Mai M. Farrag, Dina M. Sabry


Background: Diet has a significant impact on regular functioning, and the negative consequences of high-fat diets and obesity on male reproductive health are becoming more well-known. Objective: The present study aims at studying the beneficial effects of vitamin D and exercise against high fat diet induced insulin resistance and male subfertility in male albino rats. METHODS: 35 male albino rats treated with high fat diet for 12 successful weeks and divided into 5 equal groups; each group is 7 rats; (i) normal control rats, (ii) high fat diet (HFD) group, (iii) received HFD with vitamin D, (iv) received HFD and swimming exercise, (v) received HFD with vitamin D and swimming exercise. Blood samples were withdrawn from the experimental animals for analysis of Glucose, Insulin, Testosterone, FSH, LH and semen analysis where testis also was excised to measure antioxidant markers (Glutathione, SOD, MDA and NO). RESULTS: HFD resulted in insulin resistance characterized by high HOMA IR values and induced diminished semen quality with alteration in male sex hormones profile. Treatment with vitamin D and swimming exercise individually showed marked alleviation of the HFD deleterious effect while combined therapy of both vitamin D and swimming exercise showed synergistic effects. CONCLUSION: The use of vitamin D and swimming exercise in the treatment of insulin resistance and diminished male fertility offered preventive and curative effect against HFD, especially when combined together.


HFD, vitamin D, swimming exercise, insulin resistance, male fertility.

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