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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44579

Microstructure, Corrosion, and Mechanical Properties of High-Entropy Alloys

Ahmed Saleh Al Graite, Abdul-Raheem Kadhum Abid Ali


High entropy alloys (HEAs) concept was based on the idea that high mixing entropy can promote formation of stable single-phase microstructures and it is a new type of alloys composed of five or more main alloying elements, each making up between 5 at% and 35 at% of the total composition. HEAs have been shown promising characteristics of superior corrosion resistance, and have a huge possible compositional space, which is largely unexplored. This overall survey assays the state of the HEA mechanical properties.. There are many literature surveys that dealt with HEAs, however, studies of the microstructure and mechanical properties of these alloys are relatively few. This review provide and discuss the effect of microstructure , corrosion , and mechanical properties of HEAs, especially about the electrodeposition of these alloys.


High Entropy Alloy, Electro deposition, Corrosion, Mechanical Properties

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