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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44554

Ni-RAICDS: Non-Multiplicative Inverse, Robust Access Intelligent Crypto-Nets Distributed Storage with Secure Key Management for Cloud

S. Prince chelladurai ,T. Rajagopalan


Cloud and big data technologies uplift government site and cash related trades by relocating various resources. However, offering authorized access to the cloud data users becomes a vital concern which challenges security, privacy and trust. To meet these diverse needs, the security of the cryptosystem in cloud computing must be robust and scalable. ESR (Enhanced and Secured RSA) scheme intended to solve this need, yet its scalability becomes low and factorization resistance still similar to RSA. Presently, the factorization attack works up to 750-bits to anticipate the secret key. Besides, when the encrypted data live in one spot, the attacker or cloud administrator might have chances to realize extraction. This paper solves these issues by proposing Non-multiplicative inverse, Robust Access Crypto-nets with Intelligent and Distributed Storage (Ni-RAICDS) scheme for big data and cloud security. This scheme has two levels of encryption and decryption keys attaining high scalability and robust access. Furthermore, NiRAICDS based blind signature schemes have proposed for hybrid big data distributed file storage. We report on the empirical results of the Ni-RAICDS protocol in theoretical, experimental, and comparative analyses of 1K to 10K bit size to ensure efficiency. The experimental result outperforms ESRKGS on 10K bits, where encryption timed up to 32.08% and decryption timed up to 59.11%. This system proves the security of our proposed scheme.


Intelligent Cryptography,Blind Signature, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mass Distributed Storage

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