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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44533

Anti-fake Technology of Commodity by Using the QR Code Application

Dharamvir, Ashwini D, Apula S, Hibu Tabyo, BhimSen Singh


QRCode are often used in the raw materials trading. One of its main idea is covering credible authentication information to avoid the customerbuying produced products. This Research Papers gives an extinct idea how the QRcode Security system interacts with a customer and it helps us to know the relation on the server and the QRCode data. It is necessary to encrypt the QRCode by using the RSA secure-ID software token and DES Algorithm. And by Comparing these procedures for the QR security Code, by using the DES and RSA algorithms, it displays the way how the expends of preceding goods are increasing, which is ultimately can be used in the antifake identification as expectation. Furthermore, this insight helps us in decrypting the QRCode and key storage of how it is introduced in the maintenance and development and with the textbook which are written and handled as a relationship of Client and Server on this research. The way and process of how the anti-fake technology detection is working, can be viewed or seen from its brands or by its specialist co-op’s side or service providers side, and it is been used for detecting that when a same acquirers or identifiers coded in the QRCode are repeated many times within the specific time periods or Geographic Regions.


QR code,Cryptography,RSA, DES.

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