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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44532


J C Achutha, Anmol N, Chandu A B, Dipankar Boruah, Chirag Mahadev


A chatbot or commonly known as chatterbot can be referred as software program that can converse in an online chat discussion utilizing text or texttospeech instead of direct textual communication with a live human agent. A chatbot is program that will help customers automate conversations and connect with the customers through various instant messaging platforms. Despite the reality that many chatbots in deployment are still unable to talk fluently and cannot pass the traditional Turing tests, chatbot systems are usually created to flawlessly replicate how a person would interact as a communicator. The goal of this work is to create a chatbot that can help a user easily book cinema tickets using Natural Language Processing and backend database activity.The final model consists of all the required modules that handle reservation, allocation and retrieval of seats parallelly for more than two movies screening in the same theatre. As a result, a model which provides schedule of the movies that are being played on a particular date, information and rating about the movie the user is interested to watch, real-time seat map of available seats in the screen, temporary reservation of seats while waiting for payment confirmation, payment handling tasks through various payment gateways offering variety in payment options to the user, generation of tickets and a unique Ticket QR code for easy check-in and methods in the backend to manage data at each of the above stage, has been developed. The second objective of developing a chat bot to book tickets is to enable user to interact naturally without the burden for the user to learn new UI usages techniques, install new apps or create accounts.


Chatbot, Movie Ticket Booking, Natural Language Processing, Ticket QR Code, Payment Gateway, RASA, RASA-X

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