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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44529


Swati Priyadarshini


Positive Psychology is basically the wisdom of what makes us happy and well as opposed to what makes us ill and stressed. It's come an important and growing field of cerebral exploration and practice over the last 10 to 20 times, Stress is just a part of life, and the more we understand it and how we respond to it, the better our chances of negativing it. Mental health professionals make a living dealing with cerebral ills that can cripple Depression and visions, phobias and prepossessions. In the history, they paid little attention to positive feelings and particular strengths similar as happiness and sanguinity, love and adaptability. When difficulty emerges we presumably do not indeed consider that positivity is applicable, but exploration is revealing that people do experience positive feelings during the stress response, and that it can be a precious function to manage with stress Positive psychology complements rather than replaces traditional remedy, in which pretensions include knowing yourself more, easing emotional pain and confusion, and developing better ways of coping. As far as stress for students are concerned, there are plenty of reasons which can cause stress in a student’s life, some of these are; mismatch between the student and the teacher which can raise tension and cause stress. Lack of much family attention has also been a reason why it attacks to all students. Children generally do not take care of their eating habits as a result of which they are more prone towards to stress. People have a common mind-set that stress is only caused by sad happening, but the truth is that stress can occur through a good experience as well. With encouragement, even people who are clinically depressed can still form healthy relationships and feel a sense of accomplishment.


Positive Psychology, Stress, Students, Curriculum

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