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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44524

Resolving Sets and Dimension inBidiakis Cube and Durer Graphs

P.Lakshmi Sagar, K.Abdul Razak, A. Venkatachalam, Gunasekar T


In this research paper ,presented the idea resolving set using dominating set as a base set in special graphs like Bidiakis cube, Durer graph,Golomb graph and etc.In a graph G  (V, E) , The code of vertex v with respect to the ordered set 1 2 3 { , , ,..., } ( ) W w w w w V G   k is defined by C v d v w d v w d v w w k ( ) ( , ), ( , ),..., ( , )   1 2  .The set W is so-called a resolving set for G if different nodes have different codes with respect to W . A resolving set having a minimum number of nodes is a minimum resolving set or a basis for G. The(metric) dimensionDim(G) is the quantity of nodes in a basis for G  (V, E)


Graphs,Code, Resolving set,Code matrix, metric

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