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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44519

Luminescent Solar Concentrator Fabrication by Using a Mixture of Fluorescent Colors and Nanoparticles

Ahmed A. Hussein, Adnan F. Hassan


Zinc acetate nanoparticles were added to the organic fluorescent dye (Pyranine) to prepare three concentrations (3×10-4, 8×10-4,1×10-3) moI/L, and the dye absorbance was measured before and after the addition of the liquid Nano materials. Using (SCINCO Mega-2100 UV / Visible Spectrophotometer) as well as measuring the fluorescence of the dye before and after adding zinc acetate nanoparticles using (Spectrofluorometer F96 PRO). The Stoke displacement (Δη), radiative life (τfm), fluorescence lifetime (τf), and quantum efficiency (Qfm) were calculated. The relationship between the absorption and fluorescence curves was plotted using Excel. MATLAB software was also used to measure the area under the absorption and fluorescence spectra curves. It was found that the fluorescence intensity of pyranine dye increased compared to the fluorescence intensity before adding the nanomaterial, thus increasing the quantum efficiency and thus increasing the efficiency of the solar cell significantly when adding the nanomaterial.


Solar Cell, Efficiency, Fluorescence and Quantum Efficiency

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