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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44517

Effect of Different Storage and Acidic Media on the Color Stability of CAD/CAM Hybrid Ceramic

Abd El Wahab A. El Nabi, Cherif A. Mohsen


Objective:The purpose of this research was to show how different storage techniques and acidic conditions affected the color stability of CAD/CAM hybrid ceramic.Materials and Methods:80 widely accessible CAD/CAM hybrid ceramic samples. The samples will be divided into 4 groups (n=20 discs) based on the immersion solution type: coffee, Coca-Cola drink, or 4 percent acetic acid solution. In order to avoid the evaporation of the solutions containing 5 ml of the immersion solution for the previous four immersion solutions, each specimen was immersed separately in a closed individual vial with a cover. The vials were stored in an incubator at 37 °C for a 30-day test period. Using a reflecting spectrophotometer, Measurements will be made before immersion treatments and one month after the aging process has been completed. The significance threshold for the two-way ANOVA, Bonferroni, and paired sample t-tests used to evaluate the data was set at P=0.05.


CAD/CAM Hybrid Ceramic, Color Stability.

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