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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44511

The Impact Of Relationships Among Stakeholders In Placemaking Process

Ahmad, Ahella El-Sieedy, Tarek Abu-Zekry


The place making can be conceived as the process in which stakeholders in a certain public space interact to fill full their interests. By stakeholders, we mean social groups, individuals and/or institutions. The interest of various stakeholders could be political, economic, or social. This interest is transformed into forces that determined the process of placemaking. Method: This study aims to investigate the impact of relationships among stakeholders in public spaces in Zaqaziq city. This investigation is directed to determine forces/ relationships behind place formation. Cultural characteristics cannot be generalized. So, the behavior of individuals, groups and institutions in each city, has to be studied separately. Therefore, the researcher questions these relationships in public places of Zaqaziq city. Being determined by social characteristics, case study research stands as more appropriate method. Four urban places in Zaqaziq city have been selected through online survey on social media. The researcher visited these places many times. These visits were in different times in each day. Events are observed, documented and recorded. Result and Discussion: The main conclusion is that placemakingis carried out to fulfill the dominant stakeholders. The dominant stakeholder is varied from one space to another. The selected four places are intendant to reflect the dominance of different stakeholders. The selected four places are transformed into a political (Governorate Square), an economic (Al-Bousta Street), a social (Al-Kornish street) and a religious (Abu-Khalil Square) places. This transformation is made through changing the physical features of each place to satisfy the needs of the dominated group.


Public space, Placemaking, Relationships, Zaqaziq City.

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