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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44503

Effect of skin care bundle program on improving nurses′ practice and child′s outcome

Amira Shaaban Ibrahim*, Amal Mohamed El-Dakhakhny, Bataa Mahmoud Mohamed


Background: Bed sores (Pressure ulcers) are the most common iatrogenic events associated with healthcare. Pressure Ulcers (PUs) are localized skin damages that occur when soft tissue is compressed between a bony prominence structure and external forces for an extended period of time. It can occur because of shear and friction. Critically ill children admitted in PICU are at risk for pressure ulcers due to immature skin, decreased perfusion, decreased mobility, altered neurologic responsiveness, volume overload, moisture, and medical devices. Aims: was to evaluate the effect of skin care bundle on improving nurses′ practice and child's outcomes. Subjects & methods: Research design: A quasi experimental design was used. Subjects: the study included a convenient sample of nurses (n=60) and purposive sample of critically ill children (n=50). Setting: This study was conducted at two settings, Pediatric Intensive Care Units at Benha University Hospital and Specialized Pediatric Hospital at Benha city, Egypt. Tools of data collection: Three tools were used to collect the necessary data included; a structured interview questionnaire, Observational checklist used to determine nurses’ practice regarding SKIN care bundle and Braden scale risk assessment tool to assess severity of risk for developing pressure ulcer among critically ill pediatric patients. Results: It was found that there was highly statistically significant difference throughout program phases regarding skin care bundle and pressure ulcer practice among the studied nurses (P < .001) and a statistically significant difference in total score of children risk assessment pre and post the program (P < .001). Conclusion: In the light of the study findings, it was concluded that, the training program had a positive effect on improving nurses' practice regarding SKIN care bundle and prevention of PUs as shown on post and follow up test than pretest and had a positive outcomes on children at the pediatric intensive care unit Recommendations: The health care system should be trained and educated in pressure ulcer risk assessment scale and prevention to recognize the risk factors that lead to the development of pressure ulcers and how to maintain correct and suitable preventive measures.


Nurses, Practice, SKIN care bundle, pressure ulcers, Pediatric intensive care unit.

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