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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44497

Assessment of Multi-blade Savonius Hydrokinetic Turbines

Mohammad Akram Saadi AL-DABBAGH, Abdullah Ahmed Shekho, Dheyaa Ghanim Abdulrazzaq


The water energy was the most available clean and eco-friendly source of power and it is not exploited efficiently. In the present study, different types of savonius turbine are numerically simulated using CFD techniques in order to evaluate the performance under different flow conditions of flow velocity of 0.5 m s -1, 1.0 m s-1 and 2.0 m s-1. 2-bladed, 3-bladed and 4-bladed turbines were considered in this work with constant dimensions of the blades in all models. The turbulence eddy dissipation and drag force parameters are dependent as measures of the turbine efficiency. The simulation results show that the 3- bladed turbine generates more energy due to its ability to resist the flow of high drag force which results in high eddy dissipation unlike other models. This is due to the suitable blockage area of the 3-bladed turbine that increased the performance.


CFD, hydrokinetic turbines, renewable energy, turbulent model, flow simulation.

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