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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44480

Leader-Team Member Relationship and Supervisory Support on New Product Innovation in Pharmaceutical Business of Thailand: Mediation with Help-Seeking

Chayanan Kerdpitak


A positive degree of a trilogy of workplace relationships benefits a firm in several ways such as it allows collaboration among different members of the sector and also provides a facility of sharing ideas. However, the main objective of this study is to explore the impact of the trilogy of workplace relationships on the innovations of new drugs through the mediating role of help-seeking. This research also aims to identify the individual impact of leader-member, and team-member relationships on the innovation performance of new drugs. Empirical results and suggestions of this research mainly based on data collected from employees of different pharmaceutical firms of Thailand indicate that the role of a trilogy of workplace relations on the innovations of a new drug was significant and positive. Empirical results of this research paper also indicate the mediating role of help-seeking play a crucial role in improving the relationship between the trilogies of workplace relationships and innovation of new drug. Moreover, this study also provides huge benefits to future analysts that they can easily understand the relationship between trilogy of workplace relationships and innovation of new drug products, the findings of this research also provide crucial opportunities for fellow researchers. Further managerial and practical applications along with limitations and future recommendations are also explained.


Trilogy of workplace relationships, leader-member relationship, team-member relationship, supervisory support, helps seeking, innovation

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