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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44479

Customer orientation, Cross-functional orientation, Competition orientation, and Absorption Capacity on Operational Performance of Pharmacies retail Business in Thailand

Chayanan Kerdpitak


The operational performance of the global pharmaceutical industry is mainly affected by the dimensions of market orientation such as customer and cross-functional orientation. Though, the main objective of the study is to accelerate the operational performance of the pharmaceutical sector of Thailand mainly through the better dimensions of market orientation which includes customer, competition and crossfunctional orientations. This research paper also clarifies the mediating role of absorptive capacity in improving the operational performance of the sector. The study explores the roles of market orientation dimensions and absorptive capacity related to 15 top pharmaceutical firms of Thailand, and data were also collected from these firms. The methods like SEM, confirmatory analysis, KMO and Bartlett’s test are used to calculate and analyze data. Regarding the mediation role of AC, the study found that absorptive capacity positively mediates the relationship between operational performance and market orientation dimensions. According to results, it is also found that the direct impact of market orientation dimensions on the operational performance of the pharmaceutical sector of Thailand has significant and effective. All the outcomes of the given research study manifest that market orientation strategy overall strengthen the operational performance of the pharmaceutical sector.


Operational performance, market orientation dimension, customer orientation, competition orientation, cross-functional orientation, absorptive capacity

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