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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44462

Influence of Sb doping on AgAlSe2 heterojunction solar cells

Nada A. Al-Fatah, Ebtisam M-T. Salman, Ayad Ahmed Salih


This study based on improvement of efficiency for Antimony (Sb) doped AgAlSe2 (AAS) solar cell has been prepared by using vacuum thermal evaporation method on glass and (P-type) single crystal silicon substrates, AgAlSe2 is doped with Sb with different ratios (2% and 4%). Structural and optical characterizations of these samples indicate that the tetragonal chalcopyrite structure nor affects the optical band gap of the parent compound. Different ratios of Sb, found to increase in efficiency of a solar cell the which have an optimal condition thickness t=(0.6)μm and Sb=4% have higher efficiency between other cells (η =1.5). Short circuit current density (Jsc) of (19mA/ cm2 ) and open circuit voltage (Voc) of (240mVolt).


heterojuncion, AgAlSe2 (Sb), efficiency of a solar cell

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