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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44458

Influence of Psychological and Technology factors on Work life balance of Teachers in Digital revolution by adopting Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)

Mrs.M.Bavithra, Dr.K.Santhanalakshmi


During Pandemic Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has turned into a vital part which has impacted the education sector in Information and Communication Technology. Technology tools were applied and alterations made in the out-dated methodology of teaching.Tremendous changes incorporated in the conventional teaching learning strategies. During this time ICT utilization has developed colossally. The ascent of advances has jumbled its reaction and teachers found difficult while teaching. The compelling joining of innovation in class rooms rehearses represents a challenge to instructors than interfacing PCs to an organization. For fruitful mix of ICT into teaching, the review has featured on factors that emphatically or adversely impact educators' utilization of ICT. Contingent upon how teachers deal with the limits between the work and life spaces, exercises in a single area can make overflows to the next area, bringing about job struggle or job confusion. Teachers can utilize adaptability of ICT to decrease week after week work requests and re-establish harmony in ones work life balance. (WLB)


Psychological factors, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), education sector, adaptability of ICT, work life balance

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