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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44457

Violence against Women with Special Reference to Domestic Violence Act, 2005.

Anjali Khandelwal, Dr. Punit bafna


India, as a country with much diversity in religions, economic classes, social caste system, is no exception so far ‘Domestic Violence’ is concerned. In 2005, Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act was passed to curb the menace of ‘Domestic Violence’ and empowering women with a legal weapon to fight against it. The paper seeks to assess the effectiveness of this new legislation and examines specifically what kinds of people bring actions under this new gender-specific law. This paper emphasizes to examine violence against women emanates from the social hypothesis of superiority of men over women. The incidence of violence prevalent in manwoman relationship takes place in the context of the family, state and society. The paper draws attention towards the present scenario in the society of domestic violence and shows the causes of the domestic violence in India against the women and also its various types. The author elaborates the objective and impact of law in the society. The author also attempts to explore the landmark and the mundane aspects of the Act by examining the implementation of the same through the relation between the formal legal sphere and the social sphere. It aims to examine how and in what ways has the formal domestic violence law fostered a legal culture engendering legal literacy of ordinary women and men. However, it is concluded that the Domestic Violence Act has failed to reduce Domestic Violence cases not only during lockdown but also pre- and post-lockdown in India. This paper suggests for a comprehensive study, utilizing the data available by government organizations that record DV complaints. Alongside, it argues for further rigorous amendment of Domestic Violence Act, 2005.


India, as a country with much diversity in religions, economic classes, social caste system

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