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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44455

Millennial dental education: Insight into dentistry from the perception of interns

Dr.Simran Sunil Singh, Dr.Manjula Hebbale, Dr. Rakhee Modak, Dr.Subharina Mahapatra, Dr.Rajshekhar Halli, Dr.Neelam Gavali


Aim: To evaluate the field of dentistry from the perception of interns and to investigate dental intern’s confidence in their self-perceived speciality, to understand student’s perspective on dental education and work preparedness. Purpose of research: To identify dental intern’s motivation for choosing dentistry and future aspirations after dentistry. The study objective was to assess the confidence level of interns in the basic dental procedures thus evaluating the work preparedness among the interns. Materials and Methods: A questionnaire survey which was converted into google form was circulated amongst various dental college interns in Maharashtra and the questionnaire was divided into 5 sections consisting of variable questions. The statistical analysis was done using statistical package for social science (SSPS) version21. Results: The study showed maximum respondent were in 22 to 24 age group, commonly females. (72%, n=295) (P value=0.0024) The most influencing factor was self-interest (25.80%, n=102) and most motivating factor was interest in medical field (20.90%, n=86) for majority of the interns who participated in the study. A significant number of interns (20.7%, n=85) wanted to do post graduation/MDS in India and were interested in private set (16.3%, n=67) up or working in clinic (11.9%, n=61). There was also a need observed by interns (93.9%, n=385) for conduction of educational programmes by institutions. (P value=0.0006) The study also depicted a broader career opportunity after dentistry by intern’s response to do post graduation in abroad, practice abroad and also involvement in research work. The student attitude towards the profession was satisfactory. On assessing the confidence level of student’s majority (41%, n=168) of the interns were confident in their work, which was followed by very confident (36%, n=147) group of interns. Conclusion: The study yielded results which showed the interns demographic data, highlighted the motivation and influencing factor for choosing dentistry, the attitude of interns towards the profession and the confidence level of interns in basic dental procedures.


Dental education, motivation, questionnaire, attitude

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