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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44441

Education and training for social development: Theoretical research

Nguyen Minh Tri


In order to develop, people must conduct labor activities. In work and daily life, people are aware of the world and gradually accumulate a rich treasure of experiences including knowledge, skills, cultural values as well as ethical standards... In the process the development process of society, people have the need to exchange and pass on those experiences to each other and to the next generation. Education and training is an activity of transmitting and perceiving a system of knowledge and social experiences to improve production efficiency and quality of social life. Along with the development of society, education and training become a self-conscious, organized activities with their own purposes, contents, and methods with their own programs and plans. Education is a conscious and purposeful human activity, a system of influences to make learners perceive and absorb the human cultural value system and create new values in the world the knowledge base of the previous generation. The article researches the theory of education and training for social development.


Education and training, social development, theoretical research

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